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[Sales start] Smartphone cases compatible with the new iPhone 14 are now on sale!

Oct 23,2022

>>>List of cases compatible with iPhone 14 series <<<

With the release of the iPhone 14 series, we have started selling the following new products that are compatible with the iPhone 14 series. Allow us to introduce them.

Table of Contents

MagSafe対応 8カラー・シリコーンケース(14シリーズ)

MagSafe対応 8カラー・シリコーンケース(14シリーズ)

The microfiber soft lining protects the iPhone as much as possible. The outer silicone material has a smooth and silky texture like silk.

The case is quickly fixed in the designated position, fits perfectly with the iPhone, and does not add bulk.

Even when wirelessly charging the iPhone, there is no need to remove the case.

This case not only has an excellent appearance but also has drop prevention air cushions on the four corners inside, providing proper protection in case of scratches or drops on the iPhone.

Product page

Frost transparent shockproof MagSafe compatible iPhone case (Deep Purple)

Gentle touch on the skin. Microfrost processing provides a gentle, delicate, and warm feeling.

フロスト透明 耐衝撃MagSafe対応iPhoneケース

Product page

Furthermore, cases that have been long cherished, such as the ones listed below, have been updated to be compatible with iPhone 14, so please check the product page.

Walnut natural wood MagSafe compatible iPhone case


Enjoy the color of the premium material, walnut natural wood, while securely protecting the iPhone.

Shockproof Shield iPhone case

A stylish case that combines design and shock absorption using three materials: aluminum, polycarbonate, and TPU.

耐衝撃 シールド(Shield) iPhoneケース
耐衝撃 シールド(Shield) iPhoneケース

Thank you for your attention.To see more iPhone 14 series cases, please click here.