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[Sales start] Smartphone case compatible with the new iPhone 14 is now on sale!

Oct 23,2022

>>>To the list of cases compatible with the iPhone 14 series <<<

With the launch of the iPhone 14 series, we have started selling the following new products that are compatible with the iPhone 14 series. I'll introduce you.

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MagSafe compatible 8 colors ・Silicone case (14 series)

MagSafe-compatible 8-color silicone case (14 series)

A soft microfiber lining gives your iPhone as much protection as possible. The outer silicone material is silky smooth to the touch.

The case snaps into place quickly and fits your iPhone snugly without adding bulk.

No need to remove the case to charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Not only does this case look great, but it also has anti-drop air cushions on the 4 inner corners, which provide good protection for your iPhone if it gets scratched or dropped.

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Frost Transparent Shockproof MagSafe Compatible iPhone Case (Deep Purple)

Skin-friendly touch. It has a micro-frost finish, is gentle on the skin, and has a delicate and warm feel.

Frosted Transparent Shockproof MagSafe iPhone Case

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In addition, the following long-loved cases have also been updated to support the iPhone 14, so be sure to check out the product page.

Walnut natural wood Magsafe compatible iPhone case

hand machine model

While enjoying the color of natural walnut wood, which is a luxury material, it protects your iPhone well.

Shock-resistant shield (Shield) iPhone case

A stylish case that combines design and shock absorption using three types of materials: aluminum + polycarbonate + TPU.

Shockproof Shield iPhone Case
Shockproof Shield iPhone Case

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