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privacy policy

1.First of all

This shop may collect personal information (referring to the information defined in Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act on the Protection of Personal Information) and other customer-related information (referred to as "customer information") when customers use this shop.

This shop shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law, other related laws and guidelines, and the Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") established by this shop in handling customer information.

2. Applicable target

This Privacy Policy applies to all customer information obtained by this shop when customers use this shop.

3. Customer information acquired by our shop

This shop obtains the following customer information through the following methods: a. The customer directly inputs the information on the shop's service, b. The customer provides the information to the shop through means such as email, mail, written documents, or telephone, c. The information is collected when the customer uses or browses the shop's services.

Information obtained when customers purchase products, etc.

  • Basic information such as customer name, address, etc.
  • Information regarding your contact information such as your phone number and email address
  • Other information regarding customers and their purchase of products, etc.

Other information obtained when customers use our shop

  • Information regarding the use of our shop, such as products purchased by customers
  • Information regarding your payment status on our shop
  • Other information regarding your use of our shop

4. Purpose of use

Our shop uses the customer information described in 3. for the following purposes.

Provision of services related to our shop to customers, etc.

  • To confirm the purchase of products etc. using this shop
  • For billing, payment and confirmation regarding this shop
  • To provide other services related to our shop to customers

Improving services related to this shop and planning new services, etc.

  • To investigate and analyze the usage status and usage patterns of our shop.
  • To conduct customer surveys regarding our shop
  • To improve and improve services related to this shop and to plan new services.
  • To customize the content of services related to our shop to suit individual customers.
  • For planning and research and development of new services
  • For other purposes to improve the quality of our shop's services.

Information regarding services related to our shop, responses to customer inquiries, etc.

  • To contact and provide information regarding services related to our shop
  • To confirm applications for e-mail delivery services and to deliver e-mails.
  • For information on campaigns
  • To use for information on new products, new services, etc.
  • To notify you of important changes to services related to our shop, such as changes to the terms of use
  • To respond to customer inquiries, requests, etc.
  • For other appropriate communication with customers regarding the use of our shop.

Management, operation, etc.

  • To confirm the customer's usage status of services related to our shop and registered information
  • To confirm the status of customer compliance with the terms and conditions
  • For customers suspected of violating the rules or found to have violated the rules, and for resolving other troubles related to the operation of this shop.
  • To ensure the safe use by other customers and to maintain the quality of services related to this shop, necessary measures will be implemented.


5. Regarding entrustment and provision of customer information to third parties

We will not transfer or provide any personal information entrusted to us by customers to third parties, except when required to do so by laws, courts, administrative agencies, supervisory authorities, or other public institutions, and only in cases where such requests are made.

6. Management

In this shop, we will strictly manage customer information to prevent loss, destruction, tampering, unauthorized access, and leakage of customer information.

7. About the use of cookies

In the services related to this shop, we may use cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of improving convenience, analyzing statistical data, and delivering, displaying, and measuring the effectiveness of advertisements.

A cookie is a text data that is stored on your device when you access services related to our shop.

Customers can limit or refuse the acceptance of cookies based on their browser settings or personal judgment. However, if such a choice is made, there is a possibility that you may not be able to use the services related to this shop properly.

8. Regarding correction of customer information by our shop

If there are any changes to the information that may affect billing or payment, such as the names of municipalities and postal codes, as well as the names of financial institutions, we may need to update the customer information registered with our shop.

9. Disclaimer and precautions

Regarding the use of websites of other business operators, etc.

This shop is not responsible for the protection of personal information of customers on other businesses or individuals' websites (including websites that are accessed through links from this shop's website for the provision of services related to this shop). Please carefully review the content of such websites and use them at your own discretion.

About information to confirm your identity

Regarding the information for verifying the customer's identity, we kindly ask the customer to ensure strict management to prevent loss, forgetfulness, and leakage to third parties.

10. Changes to the privacy policy and confirmation of the latest privacy policy

Our shop will change the contents of this privacy policy as appropriate.

Please make sure to check the latest privacy policy when using our services at this shop.

11. Information regarding our shop and various inquiries

Regarding inquiries about this privacy policy to our shop and various requests to our shop based on this privacy policy and the Personal Information Protection Law, please contact our shop.Inquiry formPlease contact us.